9 Hidden Benefits of Deal Toys

We’ve said it before, the simple act of saying thank you is very powerful. We even wrote an article about the importance of gratitude and recognition. Today we are speaking specifically about the benefits of giving mementos, deal toys, and corporate gifts. If you are reading this, chances are you already have some deal toys, or you want some. The history of deal toys is long and storied. They are generally purchased by a financial institution and given to their high-profile clients, and their internal team to mark achievement. Achievement for you and achievement for your client. They come in all shapes and sizes, custom to classic. Aside from being a tradition, and eye candy, deal toys have other benefits.

  1. Express Gratitude
    There are so many reasons to show gratitude. It improves performance, boosts empathy and collaboration, reduces stress, builds trust, enhances self-esteem, is good for your health and is just the right thing to do. Who knew you could get all of that from a deal toy?
  2. Show a Culture of Recognition
    Everyone wants to be recognized for a job well done. Deal toys recognize the countless hours spent closing a deal. The late nights and weekends don’t go unnoticed. Deal toys can motivate and inspire employees when they see them in the office. They can even attract top talent, because when the best deals are personified on a shelf, it’s proof of a winning team.
  3. Tell a Story
    Every deal has a story. A good deal toy can tell that story. Was there an inside joke? Was a particular product the cornerstone of the deal? Buttonwood can help you personify that in a deal toy.
  4. Impress Clients
    This is pretty straightforward. We are a culture fully aware of brands. We are a culture that reveres money. Deal toys show big dollar amounts and big name brands. In combination that is very powerful. It shows you know what you are doing, you’ve closed huge deals for huge clients, and others will want to be a part of that too.
  5. Build Brand Image
    The deal toys you give reflect your brand and your clients brand in every aspect. Sometimes in very obvious ways, with a giant logo for example. Sometimes in more subtle ways, like simple clean efficiency. However you choose to express your brand, the appreciation shows through.
  6. Attract New Clients
    When things return to normal and people come and go through your office they will see all of your deal toys. They will see the success you have achieved, and when they need financial services they will know where to turn.
  7. Subliminal Reminder
    Deal toys are usually given a place of honor in an office. They are in the line of sight because they represent accomplishment. Every time your client catches a glimpse of their shiny deal toy, they are reminded of the goal you reached together. It’s a catalyst, a conversation piece a symbol of appreciation.
  8. Build Trust
    Giving an appropriate deal toy shows you know your client and you care enough to get the details right. Insights only you would have into your client help us create the best mementos in the industry, and help you present the best gifts and build strong relationships.
  9. Bragging Rights
    “Our new deal toy is so much better than yours.” Before the current pandemic, we would frequently hear stories of teams gathering around unopened boxes, eager to see their latest deal toy. Ready to show their friends on other teams or in other groups how cool it turned out. Sometimes this would generate envy, sometimes jeering. If you are looking for the former, I suggest you call Buttonwood.

When done right, a good deal toy can create quite a stir. So next time you need a deal toy remember its more than just a piece of crystal for your desk. Give us a call – we’d love to talk about how you can create the most benefit from your next deal toy.

About Buttonwood

We are the company behind the world’s most beautiful awards, deal toys, mementos, and corporate gifts. For over 10 years, Buttonwood has designed iconic awards for the most storied names on Wall Street. Our custom deal toys and mementos are designed in our studio in New York and can be shipped anywhere in the world. We are a women owned business and we have been at this for a while.