Let's get started.



Get in touch with us and we will
work together to come up with
ideas that fit your criteria.



Our Design Team will actualize your
ideas and we will send over a pdf
file of life like 3D mock-ups.



Once a design is chosen, we will
send you a sample deal toy. You
can review the design for any
adjustments and edits you
like to make.



After the design is finalized, your
full order goes into production and
we ship out your package to
your desired location.



The journey is complete! Now
it’s time to bask in the glory of
your new deal toy. Sit back,
relax and start thinking about all
the great things you can create
for your next celebration.


If you can dream it up, we can probably find a way to make it happen. With over 45 years of combined industry experience, we have seen it all. Classics, trends and the occasional masterpiece. At Buttonwood, we pride ourselves on sharing knowledge, skill and wisdom with a healthy dose of humanity. We are always on the look-out for new technology, while being grounded in experience. We help you develop the best solutions, using the best materials and we do it on-time and within budget.

We use common, straight-forward language to describe the progress and status of your project. This helps you understand the context more easily. Understanding context helps you give more effective feedback. This clear exchange of information is the most important thing to produce awesome, meaningful work.

You can get started on the deal toy process in three ways:

  1. Get a call from our friendly staff by filling out this form.
  2. Call +1.212.427.1635 for instant gratification and a charming conversation.
  3. Send an email to sales@hellobuttonwood.com with your project details (transaction, design guidance if any, budget and quantity).

We can’t wait to hear about your project!

At this stage we have a shared approach to defining goals and obtaining pertinent information. Our sales and customer service teams are experienced and well trained. They have access to a wide variety of manufacturing facilities and industry experts to help guide you in the right direction. Our designers come from varied backgrounds and experiences giving each a unique approach to creating inspired solutions. We use our research to develop designs and create several options in 3D for your review. With talented 3D artists, a wealth of imagination and today’s fascinating technology, the sky is the limit.

Our art team will create concept designs for you. You will receive a pdf file for review. During this stage, you give feedback on the designs, consult with your team and pass along comments to us. We collaborate with you to revise designs, edit text and redesign. Your Buttonwood advisor will discuss your firm’s expense and approval policies with you at this stage.

At this stage you have decided on a design. Our team has years of experience in finding all the right materials, custom pieces and contextual elements to ensure you receive a memento you are proud to display and present to others.

Buttonwood will produce one physical sample. You will receive the physical sample in your office for review. Final text revisions and design modifications occur at this stage.

* Depending on project deadlines and design complexity, you can request to forego this phase, or your Buttonwood advisor may recommend foregoing this phase.

At this stage all copy and physical samples have been approved. It’s time to produce the full order. Your Buttonwood advisor will walk you through the final approval process, including design & copy approval, and internal expense approval & payment.

When all your mementos are ready to ship, your Buttonwood advisor will contact you. Our team will make sure your pieces are well packaged and ship them to your desired location. Whether you are down the street or across the globe, our team will help your project arrive on time and ready to unpack and display.

Payment is required in advance for all orders, unless your firm has an account with Buttonwood. Three successful orders must be completed before credit terms are extended. Payment accepted via check, wire transfer or credit card. Contact your Buttonwood advisor for details.

This feature is in development and we are excited to roll it out to expedite your orders as soon it is completed.

For fast track orders, you can select an item, upload your text and logos, and click order. An artist will prepare your production proof, you can sign and submit payment and the ordering process is complete.

Look forward to ordering and receiving your mementos faster than ever before!